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Modern Pico lasers quickly resolve freckles and even-out skin color.

Why: Freckles, skin discoloration due to a concentration of melanin in some cells, characterize some people from an early age. With a color that varies from light brown to dark that can also increase and worsen over the years. Although they can affect different parts of the body, they are more evident on the face, shoulders, arms and backs of the hands.

How: The use of the Pico Plus multi-frequency and fractionated Laser allows to strike with absolute precision the areas with different pigmentation, without any disturbance of the adjacent cells.

Since the color range of the freckles is different from each other, it will be up to the experience of the Dermatologist to identify the correct combination of frequency and energy to act selectively only on the affected area.
The possibilities of modern instrumentation allow to intervene effectively on all skin tones. Some treatments will be needed to see the freckles gradually disappear.

Recommended: The treatment is recommended for all people who have freckles in parts of the body that create obvious and unsightly discoloration.

  • Cost: € 250 – € 450, depending on the area covered.
  • Method of intervention: on average 3 laser treatments, lasting no longer than 1 hour.
  • Repeatable after 30 days.
  • Recovery: almost immediate; skin reddening for a few hours or a few days is normal, depending on the frequencies and power chosen by the doctor.
  • Post treatment suggestions: The skin should be kept fresh and hydrated with a good quality moisturizer for a few days.

* The cost refers to a single treatment; for optimal results more treatments may be needed.