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Laser Medical Center

The Laser is the best tool available to the doctor for non-surgical and non-invasive aesthetic medical activities.

The extreme selectivity of the laser allows to intervene with precision and delicacy, combining the two properties of the instrument: the ability of coherent light to strike only the frequencies of the target color (a spot on the face, the detail of a tattoo, etc.) and the effect of biological stimulation of the tissues, through the transfer of heat and due to the effect of light, which activate cellular metabolism both at epidermal (superficial) and dermal (deep) level.

Laser technology thus enables a huge number of situations to be faced and resolved rapidly and comfortably for the patient.

Laser Technology

Laser Medical Center is the Italian medical network specialized in aesthetic medicine with laser methodology. Founded in 2009, it is present with its own facilities in Milan, Rome and Naples.

Thanks to the expertise and experience of its doctors and the availability of the most modern equipment, it successfully carries out over 1000 laser treatments a year.