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Body treatments

Stretch mark removal treatments, to date, are performed only in the Milan Medical Office using the Palomar ICON laser.

Why: Red and white stretch marks can appear for different reasons: drastic changes in weight, pregnancy or due to hormonal changes.
Red stretch marks are the most recent and are easier to treat, while white ones, which are not recent, require different treatment.
Stretch marks are complex to treat and extensive medical experience is required, as well as the use of technologically very advanced lasers, which act on several aspects of the problem, acting non-invasively, painlessly and quickly.

How: Laser therapy by combining the micro ablative and tissue regeneration effects, promotes the production of collagen and derma regeneration, with a gradual filling of the treated area.

Red stretch marks are treated with the latest generation Neodymium Yag laser while for white ones the micro-ablative fractional laser combined with radiofrequency is generally more suitable.
The laser ensures clear results even after the first session, with an immediate opacification of stretch marks. At the end of the treatment the results appear absolutely excellent.
The Palomar ICON laser is also approved by the FDA, the American Health Authority, as a valid method for removing stretch marks.

Recommended: The treatment is recommended for all people who have stretch marks in any part of the body and want to remedy this unsightly and annoying dermis defect.

  • Cost: € 250 – € 450, depending on the area covered.
  • Method of intervention: on average 4/6 laser treatments, lasting no longer than 1 hour.
  • Repeatable after 30 days.
  • Recovery: almost immediate; skin reddening for a few hours or a few days is normal, depending on the frequencies and power chosen by the doctor.
  • Post treatment suggestions: The skin should be kept fresh and hydrated with a good quality moisturizer for a few days.

* The cost refers to a single treatment; for optimal results more treatments may be needed.